The quirky game engine

A free software approach to game engines

Currently in early stages of development, Anima differs from other similar projects by being cross-platform, easy to use and performance-oriented. It's made for people who don't want to download gigabytes of data and service packs only to get a taste of game development.

Anima comes with a command line tool that helps you set up projects in seconds.

By using mruby, you get a live REPL to change anything in your game while playing it.

Anima plans to support Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS for a true cross-platform solution.

Fast and as concurrent as possible with the help of Rust.

With an emphasis on 3D graphics, Anima always goes for the latest graphical advancements.

Anima wants to be more than an engine, it wants to be a community of passionate game developers.

Anima is and always will be free software. And by using the FSF-approved Mozilla Public License 2.0, any developer is free to make commercial games with it. If anyone wants to change Anima though, they have to share their changes with the world.

Roadmaps, features and issues will always be openly discussed with the community on GitHub.

About us

We are a bunch of passionate youngsters, mostly students, trying to put our imagination to good use.

Technologies we use